Counselor - Mrs. Massey

RES has campers with great character!


September Responsibility

Do what you are supposed to do.  Always do your best and take pride in what you do. Make good choices.  Take accountability for your actions.


October Emotions and self-control

Emotions are important and valid.  They must NOT be hidden or suppressed, but we must find socially acceptable ways to express and deal with emotions in ways that do not hurt others.


November Gratitude

Learn what it means to be thankful.  Slow down and become aware of and appreciate the little things around us that are wonderful.


December Service, helpfulness, and generosity

Learn what you can do to serve others.  Lend a helping hand, donate your time, take notice of a need that someone has and act on it. 


January Self-Esteem

Be proud of yourself.  You are wonderful and unique for a purpose.  Learn what it means to have confidence and how to deal with feeling like you are not “enough”. Embrace what makes you special!


February Respect

Honor other people. Treat others with care and courtesy even though they may be different from you or have different ideas and opinions.


March determination and Optimism

Learn to work hard and have a positive outlook on things.  Be hopeful about the future and confident in your ability to be successful. 


April friendliness

How do you treat others?  Your actions and your words are both very important parts of making others feel special and important.


May Honesty

Be truthful, fair, and genuine.  Do not deceive others, cheat, or take what does not belong to you.

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